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What is FinanCalc ?

FinanCalc is an app engine that you can create a customized app to manage your finances.

Using modern technologies, you can quickly customize and control your finances and stay focused on your core business.
You can also use it for your personal financial controls to get more accurate data and more free time for what really matters.

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Our Features

FinanCalc is the simplest way to manage your business and personal finances using the latest artificial and business intelligence techniques.

Mobile Apps

After creating a FinanCalc app, you and your team can access it on the web browsers or by mobile app.

Safe & Secure

The FinanCalc uses encrypted protocol in all communications. Besides that, all generated applications have the Access Control List (ACL) feature that sets an user's access permissions to a specific system component or service.

The real-time financial control

One person inserts new data, all of the team can get it. Get real control of all your accounts in one unique system and put your business ahead of the competition.

Experts Support

A team of experts is available to help you create the best solution for your personal or business demands.

Online Data

Do not miss any information.
All creations and changes are available in real-time to the entire team.


You can customize and modify the structure of the system, organize accounts, add and remove users to the team instantly without any code programming.

Get Started With FinanCalc

Start learning about FinanCalc with interactive tutorials. It’s fun, easy, and takes only a few minutes!


Create your new Application

You can create one or more applications for each specific financial control.


Create the structure of these new applications

Create account structures, entities, products, and more. Define what you want to control.


Invite users

Invite collaborators who will access the application by setting their access rules and system changes.